Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Studio, The Reveal

It has been so exciting this week, I had to wait until the flooring was laid on Wednesday afternoon but then I began the trek, carrying bags, boxes, spinning wheel and sewing machines into my new studio.  And there have been lots of little photographs on Instagram 

like this...


And this

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I will write a little more detail on how I made some of the things (or more truthfully made over) later but for now, here is a little collection of before and after photographs.  Although I did a lot of painting and the make do and mend all the rest  (and most of the hard work) was down to JTH - he has been a hero!

One end of the garage AKA junk room (the dresser drawers survive behind the curtain)

All that fabulous Ikea storage is now full to bursting

On the right the cupboard which finally defeated me in January, when the stash took over my dinning room  (and now it's back!)

Some of my work, stripping and painting the window frames

These old deed boxes have made a previous appearance, now they are lined with cotton fabric and full of yarn

The old GPO weights, in pounds and ounces are for holding down paper patterns before adjustments

Curtains, made from several charity shop finds and sewn into a 'Liberty meets Mondrian' style to match the window frame

And now I'm off to the studio for my first big project - a double wedding ring quilt for a bride, I have known her since she was six and am so thrilled to be invited to her wedding.

I have not given up knitting but with all this space I can sew in the day and knit in the evenings



one metre of each for the the quilt