Thursday, 16 August 2012

Take-away knitting

I'm packing for 7 blissful days away and have one more item to consider for my carry on bag.

I realise the choice of knitting to take to a Greek island is not everyone's priority.  Most people will decide on how much factor 8 to take and whether factor 30 should be used for the face, how many pairs of flip-flops and which bathing costumes (is this the year I finally ditch the bikini?) But for a holiday with a dear friend that you just do not see nearly enough of, knitting is perfect.  As long as I choose something without a complicated pattern, knitting and chatting (as every knitter knows) is the perfect combination.

So, its going to be hot, fine cotton is far better than wool, a simple sleeveless top could be finished in the week and short wooden needles do not upset the security system.

I chose to make Gretel by Julie Weisenberger  in charcoal Habu Cotton Gima - perfect!  The pattern is readily available on line, I found the yarn in exactly the colour I wanted and I have the right size Knit Pro interchangeables

But I don't have the yarn.  I ordered it last week, Thursday to be precise and paid extra to have it posted first class but it has not turned up and I am off to the airport long before the next post arrives.  I haven't received a reply to my two  polite e mails either.  Well the first was very polite, the second a little more complainey - I suggested they should refund the cost of postage at least (first class was £3, whereas second class was free)

I wonder if anyone else has had problems with on line orders?  I order quite a lot of yarn on line and this is the longest I have ever had to wait.

Of course I could (and probably should) have gone to my local yarn shop but they don't have Habu, few places do.  But they do have Noro and yesterday I fished these six balls of Sekku out of a bargain bin at half price.  But I don't want to knit Gretel with this, I want a cardigan and I have no time to trawl ravelry again, (this time for the perfect cardigan)

So I have swatched and cast on enough stitches for fronts and back in one will knit 3 inches of rib and stocking stitch up to the armholes.  I will find a pattern for all the shaping when I get home

I reckon what with all those other Greek island things to do apart from knitting and chatting (like swimming a bit, dozing a lot and eating at the beach pizzeria) this will be quite enough to do.




Sarah said...

What a shame!

My last online order was from a shop in Cornwall (some guernsey yarn). I think the shipping was free, it arrived quickly, and included a little free gift too. Even the Olympics didn't hold it up (there were supposed to be delays due to living on a Games Lane but I noticed posties delivering on Sunday here)

It can sometimes be a good plan to check the name of the shop on Ravelry before ordering, not that I ever do. People have to be careful with what they say about the shop (such threads are heavily moderated) but you can generally get an idea... mind you I almost never bother, I've just had good luck.

I did hear recently about someone who ordered some yarn, received part of the order but not the rest because the shop didn't have it in stock. I think the shop was refusing to give a refund and just saying they would send it when they had it. Unacceptable.

Anyway, have a lovely holiday!

(openid error, grr, so posting with my email!)


Knitrageous said...

How annoying! My luck is that the more I want/need it the longer it seems to take. The postal service here forgets their last name is service most of the time. I too am thinking what to take for a whirlwind trip to Delft/Amsterdam to see my son graduate from college there. Worried someone will want to take my needles at the airport! Enjoy your holiday!

Tracy said...

How frustrating for you. However, I am looking forward to seeing how the noro knits up. Enjoy your time in Greece.