Monday, 14 January 2013

The Golden Ellixir

My father has been complaining about his aches and pains a lot recently, he's never been quite the same since he took a tumble playing badminton (he never should have run backwards reaching for that shot)  Of course it's hardly unusual to fall playing energetic sports but a little more out of the ordinary if you are 87!

Over the AP's Christmas stay JTH came to the conclusion that contrary to appearances my father does not owe his general rude health to badminton but to marmalade.  Lashings of it, only ever home-made, three heaped spoonfuls on one small piece of toast and licking the spoon afterwards.  As the AP returned home after his Christmas visit carrying the remaining four jars of last year's stock, it is fortunate that Seville oranges made their brief annual appearance in my local green grocers last week.

So yesterday was spend squeezing

...slicing (only minor damage to knuckles)

...and boiling for what seemed like hours

gleaming jars warming in the oven

Aaand the stock is replenished

I just need to get some labelling done




Moo and Mouse said...

Wow there's enough to fill a small shop, looks delicious and there is definately something about honey you just know it's good for you.
Emma x

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

I simply adore the stuff and you have helpfully reminded me that it is that time of year again, our previous lot has lasted well over a year.
I do like your blog by the way, even though I am a crochet fan, its the yarn that does it I would say?
Thank you for your comment on my blog
bestest to you and yours

Liz Benson said...

I have Seville oranges on the worktop, jars in the cabinet, sugar on the shelf, now all I need to do is remember to combine them. Yours look beautiful and thank you for the reminder

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ooh, now this is what I should have been doing this week ... I just need more hours in the day!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting over at knitsofacto ... what a lovely idea to gift some Eucalan with knitted presents :D

Mrs. Micawber said...

Your house must have smelled wonderful....

We don't seem to get Seville oranges here - perhaps because we're just a bit farther from Spain than you are? :)

Good luck to the AP, and long may he enjoy your marmalade!