Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Secrets and Serendipity

It's that time of year again. A time when so many crafty bloggers go under-cover.

Baby Suri and Merino DK... for what? whom?

While I rather disdain the idea of even getting out my Christmas book and beginning to plan shopping and cooking, when it comes to hand made presents October is the time to begin if one is to avoid what The Yarn Harlot calls 'IT'

Blue Sky Alpacs' Royal Alpaca 4ply for a crafty garrett

Now 'IT' is the deluded state of mind where the knitter declares she can knit faster than she ever has before and insists every day suddenly has 24 available knitting hours. Two years ago I totally succumbed to 'IT' and imagined I could knit four pairs of black socks with a fairisle design of my own devising around the top in addition to several other presents.  I finished one pair and have since finished a second.  I think that tells you everything you need to know about my yuletide sense of optimism

But the real problem with It Being That Time Of Year Again is that, despite all the knitting going on, as (I say hopefully!!!) many of my nearest and dearest read this blog and I insist on presents being surprises I can't talk about it here, only tease a bit.

Silk and Alpaca from Paris for a crown

However, branching out a bit I have had some sewing success. Last week found me wandering around a local Christmas fair.   I have to confess it was all a bit boring with some stalls selling the same overpriced stuff I had seen and rejected at the summer fair. I don't include yummy food sellers, I was delighted to buy more smoked chicken breast and dragon sausages from the black mountain smokery.  I also absolutely support true crafters receiving a fair price for all their hard work, but I'm not interested in clothes that are bought in and marked up heavily, 'handmade' greeting cards or jewellery that consists of a bit of bead threading.  Then I spotted this...

A velvet coat, covered in top stitching and lined in fancy print. A fabulous coat that thinks it is an anorak - perfect.  And, a sneaky picture grabbed; I felt sure I could make, not a copy, but my own version of a glam parka.

With a little bit of this (all materials and pattern, total cost £50)

And this

And this

And this

I have this

Very pleased I am too!




Anonymous said...

That looks like a beautiful coat Catherine! I too have begun the Christmas gift knitting/sewing/crafting!


Quinn said...

That's talent! You've made a very elegant coat, and it looks cozy, to boot!
I have plans to sew at least one thing this winter, but the first step is cleaning my entire house to make room for the sewing table, etc., so I'm overwhelmed before even getting out the Featherweight. Maybe now I'll be inspired by you!

Gracie Saylor said...

Catherine, thanks so much for visiting me and introducing yourself :) I'm putting your blog in my blog roll so that I can visit you regularly and get to know you better. We have been knitting and crocheting about the same length of time, but your skills are far ahead of mine :) Cheers for you!
Gracie xx

Sheeprustler said...

I do love that coat! It is an excellent idea, a beautiful thing that is practical as well. As William Morris said, make nothing that is not beautiful and useful (or something like that). Not that I always follow that myself!

Unknown said...

oh wow!!

that is amazing. I love it.

(and could never make one.. sigh)