Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I do worry about this, I've read about it on other crafty blogs, heard people talk about it and read fellow crafters' Facebook statuses (or is it stattii?).  I have achey fingers and wrists.  I don't actually think it is anything to do with knitting (though I may be in happy denial) it's probably more likely to do with cleaning stuff!  All that scrubbing and polishing.  Firstly there is my father's house in preparation for selling it and secondly an old chest that I am restoring.  Not as you will note any actual housework in my own home, where would be the fun in that?  But what ever the cause I am reining back a little on the knitting at the moment and concentrating on other things, like these two lovelies

I think they might be from the 1920s, perhaps from Heals, the large Furniture store on Tottenham Court Road.  My mother bought them in 1952, the year she and my father were married, at an auction.  In my late teens I made new needlepoint seats for them but they look dated and worn out now.

And in need of repair (my mother was a dab hand with araldite and blue tack, neither, unfortunately was suitable to repair this strut)

But I love their design, so tall and elegant and fluid lines typical of the period.  As a child I was puzzled by the design on the back, always wondering why at the top the shape was cut out and below only outlined with marquetry.

I think JTH will be able to mend the strut so I am concentrating on the design for the needlepoint.  I am going to spend a lot of time pouring over possible designs in some of my old books like these

And take my time selecting just the right sort of canvas and wool, all the thinking and planning will give my wrists and fingers a rest.  I would like to do something unexpected.  Sometimes I think I would like the cabbage and cauliflower in Kaffe Fassett's book and then I think again and wonder about the mixture of geometric shapes in Glorafilia

It is hard to decide, what do you think ?  I would love to read your ideas, or follow any links you post in the comments




Alli said...

What wonderful chairs Catherine! I have a lovely book called The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch that has a number of designs that would suit - and which could also be adapted for needlepoint if that was your preference. Why don't you have a look when you come to visit next week! xx

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog.
Your chairs are so lovely, I can fully understand why you wish to restore them.
As for "The Bridge", it was good to see Saga & Martin on BBC news this morning. So pleased to see her smile in real life!

johnnyjumpsup said...

Lovely chairs. I've just discovered your Item a Month for Xmas blog. I would join in but I'm afraid of overcommitting myself challenge wise as I've gone a bit mad this January. I will be following with interest though as I'm sure I'll get some fabulous inspiration through the year.

Beaker Button said...

They're beautiful. They look very Mackintosh. I'd want to do one of the roses on them. And a Dorset button in the middle!