Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dyeing in the garden

Did anyone else read 'dying in the garden' ?  When I received a tex from my friend Jenny saying 'come over on Wednesday afternoon, were dyeing in the garden'...just for one moment...  But it's high summer and her cousin Jo is staying and they both like to cook up some colours in the garden.

I'm not sure whether I am ready to get messy with colours and fibre yet but I do have a new camera (a tiny Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ8)  and it was the perfect afternoon for tea, chat and some snaps.

Apparently dyers do not usually share their secrets and so I have decided this post will be a lot shorter on words than usual and let the photographs (and my new camera) talk for me.

yesterday's fibre drying in the sun

virgin BFL pre-soaking 

dyes mixed and ready to go

some silk (far right) some BFL and some spun (Monet's garden)

spun autumn
and finally more garden colour  inspiration




maryom said...

Some lovely colours there - I especially love the 'spun autumn' yarn.

Shani said...

Fantastic.... really beautiful colours..
Off to dig out my dye buckets.. :-)
hugs Shani

Annie Cholewa said...

Very pretty :)

I've been dyeing in the garden too ... but given that I'm using natural dyes my colours are less vibrant.