Wednesday, 2 March 2016

oooh! LOOK! a new book

It's a yarn crawl in a book, brought to you by the people who have organised The Great London Yarn Crawl for the last three years.  And it's all you need to organise your very own London yarn fondling and buying adventure (there are hints for fabric and haberdashery buying and some lovely out of London adventures too)

it's pretty, the photography lovely and at around A5 size it fits in your bag 

Perhaps, like me, you just don't need any more yarn enabling in your life but a book like London Craft Guide provides many sorts of delights. Certainly it is THE go to hand-book for yarn buying but it is much more

It is a thing of beauty.  Flick through the softly coloured pages, admire the photography, take note of good places to pause for coffee and cake, perhaps lunch, in between the yarn yearning

check out the coloured boxes for other nearby attractions including refreshment stops

Fill your dreams with new projects (the book contains nine in all) that justify buying that single skein, bought simply because it is soooo pretty

This gorgeous shawl, designed by the lovely Anniken Allis really does take only one skein of lace weight

Travel in your daydreams around London or further afield, picking out one or two crafty shops as you visit the main sights

Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton are amongst the towns and cities mentioned

You can even satisfy your conscience when you are going cold sheep by yarn related purchases that are not actually yarn, there are fabric shops and places to buy ribbons and buttons too...

The book also takes you slightly off piste in more ways than one as it tempts you to wander off the main drag of Oxford Street and fondle the fabrics in the shops in Brewick Street. Nearly all the shops in this street are crafty related, but although you can find every sort of haberdashery there is no yarn.  

Not the only place described in the book for fabric and haberdashery but much to please in one street

The book is published by my clever friends, Alli and Rachel, who together are Yarn in the City (I may have mentioned them before) and can be bought from their website, Or, if you are going to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Rachel will bw there with her gorgeously coloured spinning fibre (Porpoisefur) and will also be selling the book.


PS there are also a couple of sewing projects, this is a sneak peak of the one I designed, a tool roll for all your notions

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