Monday, 14 February 2011

Hearts no flowers

My naturally perverse nature always whispers to me 'take a different path' rather than follow the crowd.  So when shops are festooned with red hearts, full of cards for every conceivable taste and even electrical superstores seem to find a product that they can promote as the 'Ideal gift for your Valentine',  I am tempted to sit at home and mutter bah humbug!  It's OK because JTH is of the same mind as me. 

But the blogosphere, with crochet hearts, origami hearts and even heart shaped  mint creams, seems to have worked its magic on me and this weekend I found myself gazing at this bowl of strawberries and thinking how like a dish of hearts they were.

It was just a short step down the slippery slope of Valentineness to begin thinking what I might knit in the shape of a heart.  The idea comes from a new book by Debbie Bliss that is waiting for me to review. 

The hearts are knitted in pairs and sewn together invisibly before stringing together.

A little trio of hearts strung on a ribbon

The tiny mobile is quite light so I weighted the ribbon down with some frosted glass beads

It was a beautiful  day today, bright sun, clear blue sky, as I hung the hearts in a tree to take this last shot I noticed the leaf buds were fattening fit to burst - Spring can not be far away!

Happy Valentine's day




Bean Counting Knitter said...

Super cute!Those strawberries look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, those are adorable ! I love the little knitted hearts, but yours are by far the most adorable. I love your take with the polka dots and such :) The glass bead for added weight is a good idea too !

Denise said...

Love the hearts, AND I loved your knitted letters in the other post :) I got Nicky Epstein's book 'knitting a kiss in every stitch' from the library this week and she has a lovely scarf in there made up of all hearts like these. I'd love to make it but it looks like it takes a lot of different yarn, which when you don't have in stash can get pretty expensive I would imagine!

Knitrageous said...

I like your hearts! They are perfect because they are for all the time, not just Valentine's. Hadn't thought about it but strawberries do look like hearts!

spinndiva said...

I love those little hearts! Too cute!
Was also wondering if you received the email I sent you reg. the sock yarn on my blog :)


kim said...

Love the spring like colours you used to knit the sweet little hearts.......just realised I have the Debbie Bliss book you used for the knitted letters, only the project in the book spells out NOEL.
florrie x

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been super busy. Just love everything that you have been making. With bugs in the household I have only just managed to stay on top of work.