Sunday, 22 May 2011

Triptych 2, Hopscotch

The idea of making a trio of cushions came upon me gradually, mainly suggested by the materials themselves. When I blogged about my MLI I said I had something in mind for its future. The partially worn out woolly material had some good bits between a clutch of moth-eaten holes. So a second cushion using the Rowan Kidsilk oddments knitted into decoration on a background of plain grey came to mind.

I bravely plunged my scissors in and cut three sections from the undamaged parts of Much Loved Item. Two squares, for the front and back and a third piece, a rectangle to make the overlap for the opening on the reverse.

The idea of using hopscotch for the design came from the squares used in the cathedral patch cushion and adding tiny numbers in intarsia.

On the back there is trailing bunting with little knitted pennants, made rather like a picot edge.  Cast on multiples of ten, *cast off 5, knit a triangle with the next five stitches (K2Tog in the middle of alternate rows, pull last stitch through) repeat from * until all stitches have been worked.

When the third cushion is finished I plan to put all three in a large Windsor chair in the corner of my newly refurbished kitchen, where the colours are cream and grey and the lines sleek and modern.  I hope the colours will link the old and the new and avoid everything being too perfect and matchy matchy so that the least bit of untidiness looks out of place (because untidiness does rather define my kitchen).



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Robin Dalton said...

What a fabulous cushion and such a creative idea! I love it and the colours. I find the look of it very soft and soothing.