Saturday, 16 July 2011

A cautionary tale

Oh!  This yarn just shouted to me 'buy me buy me' from the shelves of one of my favourite wool shops.  In a mixed fibre, including linen and a beautiful shade of chartreuse, how could I resist? 

I already had a pattern, downloaded from Ravelry.

Not for the same yarn of course, and the Rowan Lenpur does not knit up to quite the same tension as the Berroco Glace, but it's only a couple of stitches and rows to a 10 cm square.  I was so impatient to begin.

As the front and back are the same and I hate sewing up (have I said that before?)  I decided to knit it on a circular needle in one piece, it took a very long cable and a while for the weight of the knitting to pull the coil out straight.

Increasing and decreasing either side of stitch markers denoting the side seams, pleases me, I love the orderly way it sits.

Even when the knitting itself is quite bulky, with a circular needle it is still possible to knit on the train without getting in anyone's way.

It knitted up really quickly...

And then I realised how 2 stitches and three rows in 10 cm can have a huge effect over 240 stitches!.  The top is truly beautiful but I had not intended to knit it for my daughter!

Although it does suit her!




Anonymous said...

You can block linen quite aggressively... it could still be yours!

Alternatively, I've heard the sale price of Lenpur has just been cut again at John Lewis.

What I Created Next said...

Beautiful yarn and beautiful colour too. It's a shame it didn't fit you but at least somebody has got to wear it. You would have been annoyed if it wasn't put to good use. And a lesson will have been learned that even the odd stitch and row difference does matter in the scheme of things.

Tracy said...

I will heed your words of warning. It is a beautiful top though and I'm glad it has gone to someone you love.

Kristyn Knits said...

It looks beautiful on her!! sorry it's not on you, but the bright side is you didn't have to frog it, right? happy knitting!!

YarnAddictAnni said...

The top looks gorgeous. I bet your daughter is pleased.