Saturday, 2 July 2011

Getting Organised

When my sister-in-law gave me a large sisal hamper as a Christmas present a few years ago, with small baskets and a box inside, it was just the thing for a new work box.  But last week as I ransacked it for one of my new fabric marker pens (convinced someone in the family had mistaken it for a handy gel pen) and everything ended up in a jumble of thread and elastic caught around the scissors, I knew it was no longer fit for purpose.

Some of the pieces of kit in here I have had for ages. The threadbare pincushion was made by my daughter when she was about 6, under the close supervision of her lovely Grandma, is a treasured possession, one of the thimbles had belonged to my mother and the orange handled Friskar cutting out scissors have been carefully guarded over the years from other craft activities.  But I have recently rediscovered the fun of sewing and bought many many more little gadgets which together with an ever growing stock of hooks and eyes, press studs and beads had simply out grown the old basket.

I needed a big and business like new work box.  Somehow the traditional offerings in big store haberdashery departments or just another, bigger basket would not do the job.  So I went hunting in B&Q

If a tool box could have an expectation of its future role this stout business like box from Stanley might be forgiven for expecting to carry screw drivers, the odd hammer, nuts and bolts rather than cotton reels, darning wool, the odd tape measure and more besides.

I love it, the lid has two lift out compartments where I have put a spare foot for my sewing machine, skirt hooks and mending bits.  The other front compartment has thimbles, small scissors and the quick-unpic.

More fun inside, the cantilevered trays are great for all sorts, including cotton reels.  At last I can see what colours I have and may in future avoid owning more reels of navy than anyone should need in a life time. I also discovered that I own a great stock of beads.  Mental note to self - think up a project to make the best of them.

I think this new box will be good for a few years, there is even room for a little more kit...

Then there's the question of the empty basket, what shall I use it for?

Perhaps before long I will have outgrown my knitting kit roll




Tracy said...

Your new work basket looks very organised and easy to use. It must be very satisfying. I hope you won't mind me commenting that it isn't nearly as pretty as the old one - I do realise that pretty is no use if you forget what you own and can't find it when you do remember!

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a great idea! That is so handy having the cotton reels on their sides so you can see the colours, mine are mixed up in a tin so I have to sort through them everytime I want a different colour.

Catherine said...

thank you both for your comments. Tracey I agree the other basket was much prettier, and the new one is a bit out of place in the sitting room. I am going to fill the basket up with general mending stuff to keep by the sofa and put the Stanley box out of sight for when I get down to some serious sewing - then it will come into its own


Caroline said...

Welcome back to blogosphere-have missed your updates these lst few weeks. I love the organised craft box. I should follow suit sometime. Have just started to use a little mini chest of drawers, that is practical but ugly, so perhaps another project will be to do it up nicely ... In all my free time!! X