Tuesday, 29 November 2011


You may wonder if I'm making anything at the moment.  It's a tricky time of year.  I'm absolutely rushed off my needles, every spare moment is spent going clickerty click.  But I can't show you because my lovely nearest and dearest do read this blog from time to time. Never-the-less I thought I would just show you a few little close ups, and hope that you (and they) might be left guessing.

There is something not quite finished from three balls of hand dyed cashmere (dyed with yarrow, woad and cochineal)

And a quilt

A tiny shrug for The Little Model.  Actually I did try one of the sleeves on her to check it was the right size, she loved the soft fluffiness of the yarn (kept stroking it) and the bright colour

And a lace shawl that turned out so large once I blocked it with my swanky new set of blocking wires that I am now calling it a throw.

I still have several more presents to make but at the weekend friends threw me another challenge.  I'm dropping everything to see if I can make it work.  If I do I will blog about it next week.  Well I may blog anyway, mistakes are often just as interesting!




Caroline said...

Beautiful! I particularly like the fabrics in your quilt. A question: how do you block larger items? I have thus far blocked things on my ironing board, but with larger Christmas projects I'm unsure of where to block them... Perhaps on the floor in our loft...! Cx

Catherine said...

Hi Caroline - I block things on an empty bed! The throw just fitted on a single bed. Larger items need a double bed which is tricky at the moment as we don't have a spare one, both former spares being occupied by boomerang kids!

I have heard some people block on a carpeted floor but I'm not sure my pins are tough enough (and you still need a spare room so you can leave your work to dry for a couple of days.)