Sunday, 11 December 2011

Fenton & The Running of the Deer

I've been tweeting and blogging about this for a couple of weeks, teasing you with little hints and glimpses.  But, at last...

The Fenton sweater is finished in time for Christmas!!

It all started two weeks ago, someone was quietly filming the deer in Richmond park on his phone when his attention was caught by some frantic shouting - FENTON! OH *****!!! FENTON!!!! Swivelling around to the source of the shouts the camera man began filming a small herd of deer in full flight closely followed by an energetic black labrador and less closely followed by a very anxious harassed owner (it was he who was shouting)

Then there was the challenge, delivered by a couple of my friends to knit the scene in the style of one of Sarah Lund's sweaters from the Danish TV series The Killing.

Perhaps the Non Knitting Friend thought I could run up a little something in no time - lickerty split - as NKFs do.  But the other friend does knit and Should Know Better.  Of course so should I but I couldn't resist making a traditional Norwegian style sweater and adding in Fenton and his master's voice. It took ten days (a personal best) but it's done

In case you are not one of the 2.5m people who have seen the film already - here it is

Norwegian sweaters often come in very simple styles - this helps to show off the stitch patterns.   No2 son kindly offered to be my model.  He described it as a good Christmas sweater - a compliment I should add not a sly reference to Rudolf sweaters in the Bridget Jones movie!

The Deer run across the front of the sweater, hotly pursued by Fenton at the back (with Fenton's 'man' shouting from the wings)

The pattern is for sale from my ravelry shop here



PS Thanks to another good friend for bringing all the elements of this post together in this...


Anonymous said...

Even though I was a little bit in on this, it's the first time I've laughed aloudat a knitted jumper. Love the speech bubble!

maryom said...

Love it! I agree - it's very seasonal.

Caroline said...

Inspired! Well done you! I am slightly envious that you got it done so quickly! With two small ones, knitting time is not what it used to be!
Can I ask you another blocking question please?
If making a cardigan, would you block the pieces before sewing it together, or would you sew it together, and then block the finished piece?
Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I love the Fenton jumper.

Will Fenton's owner buy/knit one? Or be given one for Christmas?

I suspect we will never know ....

My dog is eying the deer (we live where wild ones roam and she's taken Fenton as a role model) :)


Little Blue Mouse said...

What a great jumper, and how clever of you!