Tuesday, 3 January 2012

In more detail

I haven't taken the Christmas decorations yet (I've got till 12th night right?)  it still feels a bit Christmassy here and I am going to have fun telling you about some of the presents I made for my friends and family that I couldn't blog about before.

In November I bought some beautiful cashmere yarn from indy dyer Elisabeth Beverley before I had decided what to make with it. Then I came across three patterns for fingerless mittens with perfect titles.  Poor Poets Gloves, Readers Mittens and Driving Miss Daisy, for three university friends, one a historian (with a a new job which means she spends a lot of time driving from student to student), two writers and all avid readers.

The yarn is dyed with plant dyes from Elisabeth's garden.  Cochineal, yarrow and woad.

Poor poets for one writer who has won awards for her poetry

Readers gloves for C who is never seen without several books in her bag (despite the demands of two lovely boys)

And Driving Miss Daisy for K, appropriately for a historian, dyed with woad

It was a bit of a rush but they were all finished, packed up, posted and arrived on time for Christmas

Happy New Year everyone




del said...

Those are so beautiful! And you matched them perfectly with the recipients. Those blue buttons are just adorable. Great job!

Panhandle Jane said...

Those are absolutely lovely gifts. What lucky friends you have!

Caron said...

As one of the recipients (of the Reader's Gloves), I can vouch for their very great beauty (and warmth). They make my coat look seriously tired, however,

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fingerless mitts! My favorite are the poor poets, in that beige colorway!

Jane said...

Those are lovely. Lucky people. Happy New Year to you.

Denise said...

Beautiful knits, I hope they were appreciated. I hardly ever see my knits worn by the recipients... hence the reason I'm knitting for me this year!

Dot said...

Congratulations on your blog. I did not realise that knitting was your favourite hobby. Definitely in the family ! I remember your Mum always had her knitting bag handy, brimming over with wool. During the war, she used to unpick garments and knit them up again because of the shortage of yarn. How she would have loved the patterns and wonderful wools available these days.
Happy New Year to you and all the family, love Dot

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Very charming and well-thought out gifts. Don't you just love the reading gloves? Every time I make a pair I get a request for another pair from someone else!