Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Unravelling and learning a new skill

How lucky am I to live near the lovely Farnham Maltings where Unravel takes place?

  The path from the car park to the old mill was...

Past the lamp posts 

And over the bridge

I was determined to exercise full self control.  I have two large under-bed storage boxes bursting at the seams with knitting wool and am spilling over into a third.  I DO NOT NEED MORE YARN.  But they sold so many other beautiful things. I just adore little pieces of vintage kit.

These may be more ornamental than useful but will be loved never-the-less.  The little Bakelite bee skep unscrews to hold a ball of yarn.  If I had a cat it would keep fidgety paws from making a Gordian knot of my yarn, although I don't I shall still treasure it. I particularly like that it incorporates a needle gauge on the bottom.  I most certainly don't darn socks, but if I did it would be pleasing to use the old darning mushroom.  Perhaps now I knit the occasional sock I shall consider darning if they wear out.  But I shall find the perfect use for the three hand made needle lace medallions as embellishment for one of the garments from the Titanic Project

Of course I did buy some yarn, like this merino and silk lace-weight from Ruth &Belinda

The buttons from Wolfe Murray Ceramics are a perfect match

Then of course some more bright lace weight and some F&B ringoes (essential markers for lace) from Skein Queen

BUT the big impulse buy was unspun yarn, this Wensleydale

and this absolutely fabulous ready to spin mixed fibre

All the colours of the sea sparkling in the sunshine of a summer's day are there, in a combination of the softest wool, sheeniest silk and just a sprinkling of metallic thread

No matter that I can't spin!  I am going to learn.  So yesterday I dug out my drop spinning starter kit (AKA a few bits from my mother's spinning stash)

And worked at it all day

A bit 'organic' and over-spun but I'm getting there, although it will be a while before I tackle the seascape.  It would be best in lace-weight I think...



PS Titanic Project update

My next pattern has arrived, it is this beautiful skirt.  Very wearable n'est ce pas?

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strikk handknits said...

Love that skirt pattern! Wow. Gorgeous. Looking forward to the end result :-)