Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sleeping in your sock(s)

Very soon after he was born it became apparent that The Boy loved being cuddled.  His favourite sleeping position is being cradled in someone's arms.  He would sleep for England if only there were enough people around who did not need their arms for anything else for a while.  He often has to settle for second best if his mother is busy and be carried around in the baby sling.  Third best is being wrapped up very snugly.

So when I saw a pattern for the owlie sleep sack and hat by Theresa Cole on Ravelry it seemed absolutely perfect for him. I made it in my favourite Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (aran weight this time).  It knitted up very quickly, although after making it exactly the right length according to the pattern I had to unpick it and knit several more inches - The Boy is very long.

The owls are formed by little cables placed one above the other.

I have seen these owls decorating mittens and a child's jumper where tiny pearl buttons are used for the eyes but  buttons could be dangerous for small babies so I left them out as the pattern suggested.

I think it can be declared a success

The pattern name is sleep sack but The little Model calls it a sleep sock... so sock it is



ELMO said...

How sweet, he looks so comfy!

Moo and Mouse said...

It's adorable, my girls would have loved one of these when they were babies, they both liked being tightly wrapped. x

Brooke said...

Awww that is the cutest little wrap. It's probably super soft too, Debbie Bliss cashmerino is incredible. I made some wrist warmers with scraps once.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm just catching up so it's the first time I've seen The Boy. He's adorable!
I love the sleep sock and hat.

strikk handknits said...

I love the cable stitch you used there. Very pretty. And if you're using cashmerino, I can imagine it to be absolutely gorgeously soft. So pretty :-)