Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Knitty inspiration

I'm off to lovely Wales for P3 at the weekend.  I'm afraid the course has been booked up for ages, but I think it will happen again next year so if you are interested you can keep an eye out by joining the ravelry group.  P3 stands for Plug & Play Pembrokeshire and is the idea of two lovely women Amy Singer, Editor of and Brenda Dayne of Cast-On.  who will also be our teachers.  I had such a great time last year  learning how to design and knit lace, I had to go again.  This year its all about texture and in particular the textures that are used in knitting traditional British sweaters.

I've been checking my welcome letter...

Making sure I have all the kit I need (this is like the first day at school!)

And diverting to Rokka Sheek on my way home from work to replace my lost 3mm knit-pros and medium length cable.  And there, in my 'near work' LYS is where I strayed from the path of fiscal righteousness.  

I have just returned from holiday, as you know.  Now Greece is very expensive, despite, or is it because, of their present troubles.  Lovely but expensive, especially when I just have to bring home delicious Korres cosmetics and pretty jewellery made by local craftspeople.  As part of my post-holiday austerity measures, I promised myself I would not buy any more wool.  After all I know at the weekend there will be lovely surprises in the P3 goody bag and a small but perfectly formed yarn market on Sunday with irresistible yarn from NiMu, Blue Moon and The Purple Purl to mention but three, so I should be saving my pennies.  But I do so want to make something like this (not a pattern that is available anywhere I know.  The picture is from a retail site but I will just cast on and knit, how difficult will that be?) 


And many of you will know how easy it is to loose all will power in the face of soft yarn in perfect colours and the old story of  'it was a bargain' at £2.99 a ball.  The perfect yarn for the job - don't you think?

Soft grey, cream, lettuce and dusty pink in 100% wool soft as soft.

Now... when shall I find time to make the shawl?




Anonymous said...

Designing lace?! That sounds So ambitious- I am pleased to know someone who does this, at least from afar. Enjoy for me. I do love knitting lace,but just gave my lace (bobbin) pillows to the local lace making guild. An hour an inch for lace ribbon didn't make my schedule cut anymore. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh what is this pattern please?

Anonymous said...

That Oleana wrap & fingerless gloves set is truly inspiring . . .& you chose great colors. Happy knitting!

Catherine said...

Hi Domestic News, we were not making pillow lace at P3 2011 but knitting it - the main thing I learned was how to knit from charts

Anonymous, as Middle Sister Moved says the shawl is a ready-made from Oleana. I am not going to copy it as much as be inspired by it, but I will blog about the finished result in a way that readers should be able to make something similar. I feel the essentials are the subtle colours, the irregular stripes and varying stitch patterns