Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Une petite diversion

train to Paris
on show: fabric, yarn and more
last thursday

And some may have thought it a little eccentric but it was fab.  My friend Jenny stayed the night, we got up at 4.30, drove to St Pancras and by 6.45 were sat on the 7.01 Eurostar for Paris with our knitting bags open bound for L'aiguille-en-fete .  You are no doubt thinking what was I doing going to an event in Paris when we have good shows here ( I shall be at Unravel on Saturday AND Sunday this week) and after my stash related confessions do I really need any more yarn?

no I don't but I bought a little anyway!

Well of course it was not at all necessary, I have made the journey many times and don't need the yarn. But as a lovely old friend once said on buying books 'insufficient time to read a book at the moment has never seemed sufficient reason for not to buy one if I like the look of it'  and this applies equally well to me (both in respect of yarn and books).  No we went because it would be fun!  And there wasn't just yarn...

There was patchwork

through a veil of ribbon and rick-rack

Buttons and beads

so many buttons


felted and netted

Some humour

Lamb jointed

non calories - sed crochet

AND yarn and yarn related things in abundance

yarn dyed where it 'grew' in the south of France

the most beautiful thing I saw that day

not to mention a speed knitting competition.

I was too shy to join in

We wore our feet out but we saw everything and had time to visit La Droguerie. in Les Halles.  I can't believe I didn't leave enough battery in my phone/camera to photograph the yarn (I cadged this from Jenny)

all the yarn is displayed in skeins

but I was so taken by all the other stuff, including the ceiling high stacks of tiny drawers containing knitting related haberdashery that that once contained pills and potions.  I just kept snapping until suddenly my phone screen went blank.

the shop was once a pharmacy

Then Alli saw the perfect little cardigan, but in a child's size so I promised to try and adapt the idea to her size.

I have got this far

one button - a ceramic flower

Rather than swatch I decided to knit a cardigan for Velma (the little Model's second best doll who has been missing out on new clothes lately)  Much less to rip back when modifications are required.  As you can see it's a simple classic shape, in garter stitch, short rows, all in one piece, knitted from edge to edge.  You may think Velma looks rather shocked but that is just her usual look.

eyes wide open

I am working out the numbers but in a week or so the pattern will be up on ravelry.  The pattern will be free but there will be a small charge for the calculator which will enable you to  make it in literally every size from small doll to large lady.  All you will need to do is enter your gauge, bust and length measurements and Hey Presto - you will have a tailor made pattern




porpoise said...

I am very jealous of your day is Paris - It sounds like you all had a fabulous time!

Liz Benson said...

That looks amazing! I think I would have wanted to spend a fortune there!

Catherine said...

Liz - the only reason I did not spend a fortune was I took cash and limited myself, until I got to La Droguerie...

Rachel - we did but Unravel will be fab

Tracy said...

It looks wonderful. I can see why you had to go. Little dolls clothes are about my speed at the moment so I shall watch for your pattern and attempt the smallest size. Thank you for going to the trouble.

ISIS Au Fil Des Fils said...

You are lucky to have been in the AF this year I wanted to go but the gods have the flu I am disgusted decide otherwise!
This is a nice pictures that inspire ...

Truly Myrtle said...

WOW! I can think of nothing better to get up in the middle of the night for :)