Thursday, 28 February 2013


I'm knitting bunting.  It's for a big event that my friend Jenny are organising in the Summer.  It's not our event, it's a world wide event, but we are organising something locally and (we hope) persuading as many people as we can to join in.  We aim to have fun and do some good for a local charity.  More details later and back to bunting, we are going to need a lot and it will take a while to make, so we need to begin now.


a quantity of double knitting yarn in lots of bright colours plus one ball of similar yarn in aran or chunky weight (I am using stylecraft special double knitting and chunky as it is such good value for projects like this)
one pair of size 4mm needles
one long cable fitted with a 4mm point at one end and a 5mm point at the other (the odd needles are not essential but you will see later in the instructions how this helps)

K - knit
Kfbf - knit into the front, back and front again of one stitch (makes 3 stitches)

knit the first pennant
Cast on - Make a loop with a slip knot and knit one stitch in this loop, pull the loop tight and turn your work.  Continue as follows

row 1:               Kfbf (3 sts)
rows: 2,3,4:       knit
row 5:               K1, Kfbf K1 (5 sts)
rows 5,6,8:        Knit
row 9:                K2, m1, K1, m1, K2
rows 10,11,12:   knit
row 13:              K2, m1, Kto last 2 stitches, m1, K2

Repeat rows 10 - 13 until you have 31 stitches
knit 8 more rows straight
next row: cast on 30 stitches and slip all 61 stitches onto the cable*

Knit as many pennants as you need slipping each one as it reaches stage * onto the cable in such a way as the pennants are separated by the cast on stitches. Join them together as follows

Hold the work on the cable needle with the cast on stitches to your left and using the DK yarn cast on 30 stitches.  You will now have all your pennants hanging on the washing line of your cable with a set of 30 cast on stitches on either end.

Using the 5 mm needle and the chunky (or aran ) yarn cast off all the stitches in one go, when you come to the join between the pennants k2tog to make sure your line is strong an secure

If you are knitting the bunting as part of a group you can each make a section and tie them together



PS I have finished my Marmalade Sweater, more photos on my Ravelry page


strikk handknits said...

Great buntings and great jumper :-)

Kathleen said...

I started thinking about knitting bunting myself last summer. What fun! And your sweater is gorgeous. Did you make modifications to the original pattern? Yours looks a bit more chic.

Catherine said...

Hi Kathleen, the only modifications were accidental. I should have divided for the neck before I reached the armholes, this made the v of the neck a bit shallower than the pattern intended and the underarm length longer. x c

Angela said...

Love the sweater! Very nice and the color is lovely:0)