Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Big Knitting

I have not joined in with the annual World Wide Knitting In Public Week before but the plans for this year's event in my town have grabbed me and I've Got Involved.  I have knitted a lot of letters and long snaky strips of garter stitch,

played around with knitty lettering

and agreed on a logo (BBK stands for Basingstoke BIG Knit, a shameless take on the Basingstoke Big Wheel that takes place in our town each year)

The plan is that many local knitters will knit in our town centre shopping mall at the end of WWKIP on 15 June 2013. We have permission and will try an knit a blanket from start to finish in one day which will be a comfort blanket for the day room at our local hospice St Michael's We hope people will pass by and marvel at our efforts and also donate to the hospice (we will have buckets at the ready).  

We want to have fun, encourage people to knit (there will be baskets of yarn and needles already for people to have a go) and raise money for a local charity that looks after us when we or our friends and family needs it most.

We have a Ravelry group and a facebook page.  Please visit and join (or 'like').  Even if you don't knit and don't live anywhere near Basingstoke (but if you do and are in a knitting group we will be in touch) we would still love to feel your support.  And if you do knit but can't join in on the day you can still make some squares, leave a message in the comments section and we will let you know where to post the squares to.

The squares should be 6" knitted in double knitting yarn (or something close).  You can cast on aprox 34 stitches on size 4mm needles and knit straight

Or begin with one stitch, knit into the front, back and front again (3sts) then k1 m1 at the beginning of each row until the sides measure 6" then k1 k2tog at the beginning of every row till you have 3 stitches then s1 k2tog psso cast off

Knitted diagonally or straight, with or without a little pattern, every square is welcome




Knitrageous said...

Sounds like a lovely event! I hope you have a great turnout!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by My House! This event sounds fab and if I stilled lived in the UK I would definitely stop by and join in! Be sure to post a pic of the blanket when it's finished. x