Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Lendrum and a plea for help

I have signed up for an entirely new experience, I am going to learn to spin and this is my new baby

This is one of my mother's wheels, the other a traditional Ashford sits in my sister-in-law's dinning room waiting for her to learn too.  When my mother was alive I was not particularly interested in spinning, I did have a go one day and was rather impressed that Mum could spin but I preferred the local yarn shop experience of wandering the shelves marvelling at the colours and feeling the textures.  But it seems to me that if you are a yarn junkie then one day you have to face up to the ultimate fibre experience - spinning

Until last evening I did not even know what sort of wheel it was - all was revealed by scrolling through Google images of wheels until I found one that looked similar to mine and by following the links I am fairly confident it is a Lendrum.  But that is all I know and before I take my wheel to my first spinning class I would be so very grateful if any of you lovely readers of my blog could help me a little.

The wheels I found by my Google search seemed to have two pedals - mine has one, what is the difference?

I found one YouTube clip that showed the 'top bit' had less hooks than I have here - are all these used when threading the lead yarn?

Have I got the back knob in the right place (It had some yarn wound around it which seems to help it to lock in place)

And - is there a list somewhere of what all the parts are called?  Can I buy a hookey thing somewhere or do people improvise with a piece of wire?  I think this hook is the only bit missing, what do you think?

Finally are there any YouTube films that you would recommend for me to learn a bit more before I get to my lesson?

I'm itching to begin, so if anyone could help, I would be ever-so happy.  I have this basket of billowy alpaca

And this bowl of creamy BFL - all ready to go




ISIS au fil des fils said...

Enjoy to your baby !!

Angela said...

Okay, I don't have a wheel, but there are lots of YouTube videos specific to Lendrum wheels that demonstrate spinning. They will use the parts of the wheel you are asking about, like all the hooks on the flyer. (where the bobbin is.) those hooks guide the yarn as it wraps around the bobbin while you spin. You move the yarn up to the next set of hooks as you fill the bobbin. Looks like this one is a single treadle (peddle). Some people prefer single to double and vice-versa. Not sure of difference beyond that. I'll see if I can find some links to videos. Those are most helpful.

Angela said...

This video looks pretty good. There are some others, as well. Good luck!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm no spinner I'm afraid, so sadly I can't help. But I will fascinated to discover how you get on :)

porpoise said...


I've got a single treadle Lendrum that looks exactly like yours except that mine has a sliding hook on the flyer instead of screwed in hooks. It is an absolutely fantastic wheel, and I'm sure you will love it! We will have to chat extensively on Friday at Wool House. ;-)


porpoise said...

Your wheel looks just like mine C! I've also got a single treadle Lendrum, and it is a fantastic wheel. We will have to chat extensively when we meet up on Friday - you are going to love it!

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same version of Lendrum - this flyer is the older version - the new ones you see are getting to be pretty standard - especially on the smaller wheels.
I note that you are showing the cable footman - do yourself a favor, upgrade it (the Woolery offers the upgrade kit). You will find you have a lot more control of the wheel as she spins.
I hope you enjoy using yours as much as I do.