Sunday, 7 April 2013

The First day of Spring

Although the official first day of spring was last Sunday (after the clocks here in the UK had 'sprung' forward an hour at 2 am) and the weather yesterday was sunny and a balmy 10deg in our back garden, today felt like the first day of spring as JTH and I ventured out for a brisk Sunday morning walk around a nearby village of Hartley Wintney.  We were following a trail posted on our County Council's website (more of that later)

The walk took us around the common

Past the duck pond (does anyone know why there is a scarecrow in the middle of the pond?)

Across farm land and down country lanes

and forest trails

Oak trees predominated, still in a winter leafless state their muscular anatomy was clearly on view

No sign of green on the pollarded limes either

But the primroses were out

So were the celandines

and the wild cherry

The guide told us that the oaks here were planted to provide timber for ship building after the losses incurred in the Napoleonic wars.  Presumably saved from the woodcutters axe by the development of iron hulled warships

On such a lovely day it was not surprising that there were quite a few people out walking, clutching print offs from the county council's website, many of whom like us were looking puzzled at the directions.  There is a problem with referring to road names around the village when the signs were either missing or at the opposite end to the direction of the walk.  Instructions to 'go straight ahead' tricky when the path came to a fork or when the route appeared to take us down a private drive

We knew about the muddy bits, however, despite the warning I did manage to step in one place where the mud came right over my walking shoes.

Such a lovely day and all cobwebs thoroughly blown away




Jee said...

Mother in law was born in Yateley where her father built many houses in the 1930's, but many of her friends lived in Hartley W. It's beautiful countryside.


Thanks for sharing the photos of your lovely walk in the country. I have never seen a scarecrow in a pond. Most unusual. Hugs Judy

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

That cherry blossom is so pretty! Dare we hope spring really has sprung?!