Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tough Love and many socks

I've been knitting socks.  Not practical socks, alas not wearable socks, but the yarn is perfect and the colours fab

Although these are samples using the training sock pattern by the clever Kate Atherley I have learned exactly how to make a good sock.  I can knit these babies in 50 minutes,

... so can I knit a full size sock in 2 evenings?  Only time will tell but I had such fun learning the technique and playing with different arrangements

There are 16 of them in all (no such thing as second sock syndrome here)

In shades of blue, turquoise, browns and greys.  Even the more sombre colours are not really sombre at all.  I am now fantasising about ordering a full skein in every colour and having a drawer full of Sweet Georgia loveliness, starting with top row second from the right (its called Hush)

The socks are for a friend and as they are to do with her new project I won't say more here for the moment but once she is fully launched I will post the link



PS this was a joint effort between friends, do go over to Rachel's blog and see what the stripey yarn looks like (and for some more techy stuff on the construction)


Quinn said...

I always suggest that first-time sock knitters begin with toddler-sized socks. Such a simple and fun way to learn how the parts work together, and no risk of ripping out hours of work, because even ripping out an entire sock won't mean hours of work!

Ana BC said...

So many socks...and they look so cute! I love the colors of your yarn

linda said...

Well done fabulous socks! don't forget to ink them up :)

Liz Benson said...

They look fantastic, I love all the colours, some of my favorites

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

That's a lot of (very cute) little socks!