Wednesday, 4 September 2013

...steady go!

Cast on day and I’m up early ready to start.  But first to sit on a rock at the end of the beach and watch the sun rise.  It’s something I love to do when on holiday, sun-up today was at 7.15 local time (two hours ahead of the UK)  so not too hard to get up before the cicadas, just as the sky behind the hills on the mainland began to glow pinkly,

then watch as the sun rose over the mountains laying a golden road over the sea

Back at the cottage, supplied with coffee I cast on at about  8.30

TECHNICAL POINT – I liked the designer’s method of joining the stitches into the round.  She explains (with an illustration) how to drop the first and last stitch and swap them around, twisting and securing the join which avoids a nasty gap.  I have also found casting on one extra stitch, slipping that across from needle 3 to needle 1 and beginning the first round by working 2tog.

By Breakfast time I have completed the ribbing and knitted up to the first increase.

Please let Kathleen and I know how you are going  (Comments on our blogs or on the ravelry thread, tweet at #RightasRainbowKAL )– AND don’t forget, we are not racing, you can join any time up to the 28th!



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