Monday, 16 September 2013

Ta Daaah!!!

I know - we have till 25th September to complete our sweaters and Rachel and I have finished already  but you see we both have quite valid reasons.  Rachel, as she says, has bitten off more than she can chew, as well as lots of personal knitted stuff she is co-organiser of The Great London Yarn Crawl   And me?  Well I have a lot of time on my hands... (and a lot of yarn since you ask, I have one more project on the go and another still in my head, and in skeins, that I aim to finish before I return to the UK on 30 September)

I have indulged in a little embellishment and exercised a little Paxos Improvisation to complete my sweater because there are no buttons to buy on the island (who said, not even for ready money?) So I had to make them up.  Firstly I crocheted up some little circles with two strands of the S&C Sweater

Using the slip knot loop method

I worked 15 half trebles into the ring

And drew it up tight

Made another and joined them together with 15 slip stitches around the edge, slipping in a 1(Euro) cent piece as I went

Then I made a little 5 chain loop at the back and fastened off all the loose ends

In no time I had 7 in assorted colours

Did a little gentle blocking (dampened, pulled out the points and left it in the sun).  I invented the flower on the hoof - essentially based on a similar centre to the buttons with 16 half trebles but made in full strength S&C Sweater and created two layers of 8 petals

And Ta Da!!  The card is done ready for its photo-shoot on the beach

Hope you like it




Jee said...

great cardi, love the colour combination, especially the plum colour. Crochet buttons are brilliant idea. 'Not even for ready money' is said by Lane the butler inThe Importance of Being Ernest'. He's pretending that he couldn't get cucumbers for Lady Bracknell's sandwiches when in fact her nephew has eaten them before she arrived.

Knitrageous said...

Beautiful! I love the buttons and the flower. Made it perfect!!

Anita said...

Lovely cardi, and just how cute are those little bags!! What a fun idea.
Cheers, Anita.

Angela said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors!

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness, I love those buttons! What an amazing idea!
Caroline x