Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Brighton Weekend

Don't you just love it when one of your nearest and dearest (perhaps the least likely one) buys you the perfect present?  Our no 2  son, the youngest in our family of four, is quite funny about birthdays. He regards cards as pretty much a waste of money (he once gave me a beautiful card on a birthday but did not write on it saying he knew I liked getting cards but thought I might like to keep it and send it to someone else one day).  He is delighted to receive presents yet not at all put out if he does not but if he does buy someone a present it is usually very carefully thought out. So as I was away for my birthday this year, and for several weeks afterwards, I was not at all surprised only to receive a text message, three days late, wishing me a happy birthday.

Then after a weekend away with his girlfriend staying with her father in Brighton about four weeks ago he handed me a present, saying he had realised he had forgotten back in August. The present was these four lovely balls of Rowan Fazed Tweed, an alpaca and wool mix.

I don't think R understands the concept of stash and so I wanted to knit something straight away. But, what to make?  It's chunky, I wanted to use every bit of it and blend the colours so it had to be a cowl or infinity scarf, didn't it?  I found a stitch pattern I liked and pretty much winged it, guessing the number of stitches, estimating from my swatch that 162 would be enough to wrap around twice.

I have to admit to a hefty bit of guess work but it worked!  I used every inch of yarn and even had to unravel my swatch to have enough to cast off. And it fits!

When I finished we were in the middle of the Indian Summer called September (hence I am modelling it with a sleeveless tee shirt!) so I have only just begun to wear it but it is just fab, soft, fluffy, warm and BIG!

The pattern, or perhaps I should say very brief instructions, can be found on my Ravelry page HERE

If you do make one, and they are super quick to make, do please leave a comment on my project page I would love to see how other people interpret the design




debbie1608 said...

Gorgeous colours! What a lovely surprise as well.

Chrisknits said...

Gorgeous!!!! Wish my lot would buy me presents like that.

Sarah Moore said...

It looks fab!

benita said...

What a nice present! And it looks lovely. We got 2" of snow last night, so it looks like you'll be wearing before you know it.

Annie Cholewa said...

It's lovely, and all the better for being made with a perfect yarny gift I'm sure :)