Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Out of the blue (and positively the last post about my Lent clothes fast)

It came as a total surprise, I had no idea, I really didn't.  I suppose because I came upon the idea of the Six Items Challenge very late in the day, just a couple of days before Ash Wednesday in fact.  So I was too busy deciding what would be my six items and trying to get the message out to notice anything else. 

But there was a prize offered by People Tree ( a clothing company with a strong ethical philosophy) to the participant in The Challenge with the most interesting and original blog and - do you know what?? I won.

The prize was a dress of my choice from the  The People Tree.  This is what I chose (the Olivia dress)

Isn't it fab?

Now if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know I don't have sponsors.  I only carry the tiny adsense ad in the right hand column here.  And just occasionally I am sent a crafty book (knitting or sewing usually) and asked to review, which I do if I like it, I send it back if I don't.  But that is all.  That's not to say I would refuse to advertise something crafty or reject a gift of some luscious yarn to knit up and review (indy dyers please take note !!) nor that I won't tell you about some lovely new project that a friend is up to, but this is not a commercial blog.

This is my blog about my likes and loves and I love my dress from The People Tree!  I had quite some difficulty choosing what to have.  I'm very tall (5'11") and a generous size 16UK.  That's not to say I'm not aiming to be a less generous size 16 but after three weeks of French food that is what I am.  I consider I'm OK proportion wise but my size does make me gravitate toward more muted shades and at first I was looking at the clothes in greys and navy, pretty much like my choice of clothes for The Challenge.  But I made a decision to look for more colour when I chose my dress

What do you think?

It is made of a beautiful organic cotton with just a smidgen of lycra so despite it's figure clinging style (I love that) it does not ride up and cut off the blood supply to my lower legs as I sit down (I'm a knitter, I do a lot of sitting)

The colour is very green, one of m favourite colours but  just slightly muted so it not too shouty

I'm so happy in it!  Thank you The People Tree

And Thank you to everyone who donated.  The fabulous final total was £558.11  for my efforts and a grand total of £1,994.57.  Actually donations are open for a few more days so perhaps we might get to over £2,000 wouldn't that be great?




Unknown said...

That dress is perfect for you! Great fit and very flattering.

Nadia said...

Congratulations! The dress looks wonderful on you. What a lovely surprise to win.

Brenda said...

I can tell you feel wonderful in that dress, and it looks amazing on you. Congratulations on the win!

Caroline said...

Well done Catherine. Such a great idea and you do look lovely in the prize dress.
I tried the not buying any thing new for a year challenge but 6 items only to wear sounds a good challenge ..I might try it next lent...once we are retired I might have more time to think.
Hope we can meet up abit more too...