Friday, 24 April 2015

The knitting's back

I love reading the comments on here, I love that people who read my blog also take time to say something.  It is even more lovely when an old friend pops up and comments, perhaps someone who has been reading and commenting ever since I began blogging several years ago.  But it occurred to me this week that a casual visitor to my blog over the last few weeks might have wondered if this is not a knitting blog at all but something about clothes, or even travel.

So I thought it was high time I put the blog back on its tracks.  This is specially important as I have been asked to join in a special blog crawl next week (do come back next Monday to see what that is all about) which has a wonderful wooly theme. The blog crawl has sheep, spinning and knitting in it with a dash of history thrown in - my all time favourite combination, But meanwhile I thought I would share a few of my projects to get us all back in the knitting frame of mind

Firstly, there is a very special event coming up in our family DD2 expects her first baby next week!! You will not be surprised to see I have made a few things

I last posted a photograph of the Vivid baby blanket (pattern by Tin Can Knits) when it was just a pile of squares

This little pink and cream cardigan has buttons from Kath Kidston

Still a work in progress this cream cardigan has a grey lace trim around the sleeves and all around the body

I am making much slower progress with things for me

I have just got as far as swatching for the vintage cardi in Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock
I don't know what to do with this little sweater, I have picked it up an put it down so often
What do you do with a WIP that is getting to be a white elephant?  The Yarn of this little cream sweater is Angelus by Natural Dye studio.  The yarn is AMAZING and even more precious as NDS is no more. But it has been kicking around in a bag so long (and picked up and put down) that the fabric is badly uneven, I'm not even sure what size needles I was using (robbed off the cable long ago for another project)  I really think it has to be frogged, skeined, washed, wound and begun again.  But it's knitted in the round up to the armholes and the back done - that A LOT of knitting.  What would you do?

Just the toes done on these socks

I've been spinning too

200m of Wensleydale in Evil Beanwater colour-way by Porpoise fur

And some merino from Sweet Georgia Yarns nearly half done

I think that's all I have in progress at the moment.  See you on Monday with news of something rather exciting




Mary Lou said...

Sometimes unraveling (or should that be raveling?) is the best solution. Or, put it away for another bit and see what you think. I had a three-quarters done sweater for several years and finally ripped and re-knit. It was a good choice. (Is there a metric equivalent of three quarters used in this way? )

Catherine said...

I'm coming around to the idea of totally unravelling, Mary Lou. Someone once told me that if you are not happy with your knitting while in progress you will like it even less once finished. And the metric equivalent of 3/4? I suppose it's .75 but I don't think it sounds right in knitting terms. Although I always measure and buy in metric and have done for years I still talk in imperial, as in a pint of milk or 4 inches knitted up!

Jennifer said...

I unravel fairly often myself. Sometimes it's the best possible choice because you can feel refreshed all over again. I love that blanket for the baby, it's really gorgeous. How exciting for all of you, I wish your daughter all the best with the rest of her pregnancy and the birth. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Catherine.

debbie1608 said...

Oooh that blanket is so yummy, looks beautiful. I hate unravelling but if you're not happy I think that would be the way to go and start afresh! Love the socks as well, another gorgeous yarn.

Brenda said...

I am all for ripping back a project that isn't working. Oddly enough, I find that rescuing a project this way brings with it a sense of accomplishment, even as you're undoing all your hard work. And it's not a failure, as you bought the yarn so that you could knit with it, which you have done. In fact, you're knitting MORE with this twice-knit yarn that you would have if you hadn't ripped back. That's just good value, that is.

Rip away, and congratulate yourself on your frugality.

kristieinbc said...

You have been a busy knitter! Your baby projects are all lovely, and I'm sure your daughter will love having them. I have a half-knit sweater that's been neglected for years, and am still trying to decide what to do with it, so am probably not the best person to give advice in this area. :-)