Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tour de WHAT??

Tour de Fleece.  While the cycle race is on a large number of spinners (in teams) are challenging each other to spin the same number of miles of yarn from their (not inconsiderable) stashes of fleece as the cyclists cycle.  Watching Le Tour at the same time is optional.  I am in Team Porpoise Fur.  My main aim is to spin a sweater's worth (I'm planning to make this) from this gorgeous special of order Porpoise  Fur fibre in the Runner Bean colour-way.  The stripes will be in Porpoise Fur's Death the MRSA that I bought on the Bath (yarn) Road Trip

I have some watchers - 

Kittens Fudge and Toffee joined our household a few weeks ago and have taken up residence in my studio.  They treat my spinning wheel and associated paraphernalia as their climbing frames

 Before spinning the Broad Bean I limbered up with some other Porpoise Fur that I happened to have in stock, The red room

Gorgeous shades of red and dark turquoise, now plied and ready for ...  something, I'm not sure what yet

The Broad Bean is proving surprisingly popular with the new residents

I'm also experiencing some interference with my spinning, although it ensures I spin a strong thread

However, it's coming along nicely and soon I should have a couple of bobbins of singles ready to ply



PS, I've been struggling over the last couple of weeks with some of those Grey Days I mentioned a couple of years back.  I hope I have not lost too many readers.  If you are popping by do say hi in the comments, it would be lovely to hear from you


Jee said...

Glad you're back - though I can't talk having given up completely on my blog. That green is really vibrant - perfect contrast to a tabby kitten.

meppybn said...

Life happens! that's what nice about hooking up with Bloglovin' - your post just arrives whenever you're ready :) love the red room!!

Brenda said...

What every studio needs: Porpoise Fur and kitties with a sense of entitlement.

WildflowerWool said...

My goodness those kittens are cute!

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Reading along - and not writing my own blog lol!
What gorgeous kittens!
That green is meravigliosa…. :)