Friday, 1 April 2011

Spaghetti knitting

Knitting and crochet blog week day 5

And now for something completely different

I love experimenting with different materials for knitting.  On Tuesday I wondered aloud here about knitting with strips of silk and at my knitting group today Jenny said she had knitted with strips of plastic bags and Claire had knitted a bathmat with lengths of old towelling

My new kitchen has unvarnished oak work tops.  So I need something to protect the wood but I also want to use only natural materials in there.  It was then that the thought occurred to me, I could knit something out of spaghetti.  Its organic, flexible enough to knit when cooked and hardens up again when it dries - perfect.

Even well cooked the fiber was very prone to breaking, so I began a new strand for each row.  Sticking with the culinary theme I used chopsticks for needles

Everything got into a terrible tangle but that is spaghetti for you, however, by handling carefully I finished the square I needed for my pot stand.  It doesn't really matter about all the long ends, I can trim them and as the pasta dries they will stick together - so no sewing in the ends!

What fibers have you tried to knit with?


Knitrageous said...

April fools?!! :D

fingersandtoes said...

Haha wonderful!

emmawindsor said...

I can't believe I fell for that

crafterhours said...

Haaaaaaa! I love it! So cute!


mangocheeks said...

Wow, for a moment i fell for it too and its no longer April Food Day!

Emily Helmus said...

I spun and knitted with steel wool the other day. It spun up pretty well but was prone to breaking. I'd like to get better at knitting with spun metal yarn!