Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Work In Progress Tuesday and some holiday pictures

Despite the stonkingly hot weather I have got some knitting done.  Last week DD1, the two smalls (The Little Model and The Senator) and I dashed down to Cornwall to spend a few nights with my cousin and because DD1's car has great AC I was able to knit WITH WOOL all the way down.  I finished turning the heel of my Tough Love socks and began the interesting stitch pattern on the legs

Are we nearly there yet?

The stitch pattern is called Tuscany and the pattern I am following is from my favourite sock book Toe up Two at a Time .  I have only completed four repeats of the pattern so far but it's looking good, I also love the slipped stitches on the back of the heel, the way it makes the colours pop and how comfy I imagine it will make the socks to wear.

My warm evening and outdoor knitting project, Flo, is coming along nicely too

About two inches to go and I will deem it is right to divide for the armholes.

It's rather odd for a knitter to say this but I love how unevenly this yarn is knitting up and the general nubbliness of it.

Our trip was not, however, all knitting... 

There were lots of sand castles

LM absolutely nailing BIG hair BIG smile

Ice cream
The Senator, slightly loosing his dignity being covered in ice cream

And cooling off in the sea

Three of my favourite people in the world

Since I got home I have been working hard on 'Betty',  picking over the entire fleece, removing bracken, crushed leaves (more like tea leaves in size) and the last traces of dirt.  She is all ready to spin now, 

just fluff but plenty of promise

I cant wait to plunge my hands into this cloud of cream woolly loveliness but I shall have to, because... I am off on my travels again.  This time to that tiny Greek Island, where I escape to every year - probably the subject of my next blog.

Back in two weeks




Anita said...

Hi Katherine,
Oh I love those two little munchkin faces, just want to press their noses. Adore handmade socks, people don't know what they're missing out on until they've slipped their feet into them. Lovely colour of yarn you've used.
Cheers, Anita.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cute socks and really lovely beach photos. Never met a kid who didn't like playing in sand and water! Have a great time in Greece!

Annie Cholewa said...

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous grand kids. Have a great time in Greece :)