Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All Right (as Rainbow) Now (KAL 4)

This swatching lark can be tricky.  Between us Kathleen and I have come up with all possible permutations of the tension square using needles sized from 3.75 - 5mm.  On Sunday I received one of those sort of 'Help' e mails.  K was down to 3.75 needles and she still couldn't get to gauge.

Previously of course I was trying to get some cheap DK to come up to gauge but I needed to begin all over again once I had decided to use the gorgeous Spud & Chloe Sweater.  And with a big sigh of relief I have made it.

It began a little loosely but that was the garter border I worked to try and make my swatch lie flat, once I got going my 22 stitch swatch was a fraction of a stitch wider than 4 inches.  I also get 28 rows to 4 inches too but that is far less critical as the pattern gives length in inches not rows.

I did try the 5mm needles too, this square was 5 inches wide, but it was nice to see how the colours will work together on the yoke

When we first began to talk about the KAL and I decided I would make the cardigan for The Little Model, some may have thought I was a little deluded.  How was I going to make a size 18mo fit a 4 year old?  Well she is very tall (no problem I can knit the sweater longer in body and sleeves) but very slim and I have checked the measurements.  The chest measurement given for the largest size still gives TLM some wriggle room.  Don't believe me?  Well here is proof, TLM in her new school uniform ready for 'big school' in a week's time

Look at that school cardi!   And it's the smallest size!!

This might be the moment to mention the beautiful rosewood needles I have treated myself to (well August is my birthday month)  They are absolutely perfect for little projects, in particular swatches.  They may even encourage me to swatch more... I have them in 3.5, 4, 4.5 & 5mm  (Have I mentioned this before?  I may have...)

I have also wound of three mini skeins that will be winging their way to Kathleen as my part in our colour swap.

So I am now all ready, together with Kathleen, to talk you through the KAL, step by step in our blogs and   in the thread on the Ravelry, friends of Spud & Chloe forum.

The Ravelry forum is for all participants - if you are joining in, please post your comments.  Tell us just what you are thinking, how are your swatches turning out?  Do you need a colour swap partner?  Are you knitting the sleeves on DPNs or are you using magic loop?  AND most importantly of all are you having fun?

Don't forget lift off (or is it D-Day or even K-Day) will be 4 September.  We will continue to promote the KAL on Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry and blogs but we would be so happy if you could spread the word.  We are up to six knitters but it would be great to have more.

Oh! and I have a beautiful new knitting bag, made by my clever cousin the textile artist Sharon Verry.

I have already mentioned that August is my birthday month and this was Sharon's present to me for my 60th (Earlier this year for her 60th I made Sharon a shawl in the Metalouse pattern).  Perhaps a non knitter might think that a dolly bag is not suitable as a knitting bag, surely one needs a long thin bag to contain the needles.  But not of course if you use circulars and DPNs.  Not only is my bag a thing of beauty in my favourite colours but it is just right to hold all I need for the KAL

Sharon makes all sorts of things with her silk fabrics, scarves, bags even jewelery.  There are lots more photographs on her website and you can buy her work at The Guild of Ten  in Truro Cornwall.




Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

What a beautiful project bag! I really like the idea of cousins making gifts for one another, each in their chosen craft. Happy Birthday!

Alli said...

I'm with Kathleen - that is an amazing and beautiful project bag! I bet if your cousin had that on her website she'd sell a ton to knitters! It's almost too pretty to use!