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Amazing prizes for Right-as-Rainbow KAL winners

When Katie of Spud & Chloe e mailed Kathleen and I  yesterday with details of the amazing prizes they are awarding to three lucky KAL participants our first reaction was to ask 'do you mean just the patterns or some yarn too?  We were nearly speechless when Katie said 'patterns, yarn and the winner gets to choose the colours'


So here are the details (all participants must use at least one skein of S&C yarn to be eligible for a prize)

Prize 1 is just for beginning the card.  All you have to do is cast on and create a ravelry project tagged with rar-knitalong for your name to go in a draw.  It would help us if you would post a comment on the Right as Rainbow Ravelry thread too (this goes for all your progress up dates and questions - let's chat). The winner can choose either...

Baby Bunting

Leaf blanket

Both these cute baby wraps are knitted in S&C Outer which like all S&C yarn comes in loads of fab colours

Prize 2 Is for finishing, just complete your sweater, and post a picture in your projects for one entry in the draw.  If you make 3 cardis you get three entries!  And you get to choose either

Lovey Dovey


Lucky Number

Both these gorgeous patterns are knitted in the same yarn that our Right-as-Rainbow cardi is knit in, S&C Sweater.   If you have already bought your yarn you will know how very spoilt for colour choice the winner will be

Lastly Prize 3 for creativity, the winner will be selected by Stephanie Lotven, the Right-as-Rainbow designer.  The winner will receive pattern and yarn to make this...

children not included - just the PJ case

And there you have it - three beautiful enticing prizes which should get you (and your knitting friends ) casting on on September 4 and racing to finish at least one sweater by 25 September

Just to remind you here is a recap of the rules

1. We cast on Sept. 4 – this coming Wednesday! You can start after that, of course, but please don’t cast on before. [Gauge swatches don't count.]
2. You must create a Ravelry project page and tag it “rar-knitalong” for us to be able to find you and enter you into the prize categories. [I've given instructions on tagging here.] We’d love it if you’d also include the pattern and yarn information on your project page.
3. The last day to create and update your project pages will be Sept. 25 – so if, for example, you would like to be entered in category 2, you will need to have your sweater(s) finished, and your project page updated to indicate that fact, by Sept. 25.
4. To be eligible for the prizes, you must include one (1) color of Spud & Chloë Sweater in your sweater. Please join the knitalong even if you don’t use the yarn – we want to hear both your yarn and color ideas and your technical questions!  
(thanks to Kathleen for the summary)

My own progress
Yesterday you left me mulling over how to combine the three colours of S&C Sweater I had bought and the three balls sent to me by Kathleen for our exchange.  The yarn lay on my garden table in two groups like the Sharks and the Jets eyeing each other accross the school gym.  I tried almost every combination of stripe with the Grape Jelly as the main colour and Grass for the edging.
I thought about leaving out Cider

But that seemed too plain.  I did not want to knit several colour swatches, as I was wondering how to get a clear idea of what other colour combinations would look like JTH suggested I knitted separate strips - like this

It worked (additional stripes knitted in Grape and Cider) but it's all a bit of a tangle, necessary because I do not want to waste an inch of this yarn by cutting short lengths.  After much shuffling I have decided on this:-

Now I am absolutely ready to begin.  I may have mentioned it before but I am taking my knitting on a trip and from next Monday shall be blogging from a tiny Greek Island.  So a slightly intermittent WiFi permitting you may also find the odd goat, cat or seascape (turquoise of course) may slip into the knit chat.

I do hope many of you are swatching away and getting ready for the start on Wednesday - with fingers (metaphorically) crossed hoping to win one of the fabulous prizes.



PS  Although there is only a select few yarn shops stocking Spud & Chloe yarn in the UK, the lovely Mrs Moon does so in her on-line yarn shop

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Sally said...

A good way to see how colours work with each other is to use a wrap. I have used them in weaving and embroidery workshops and you can do a few combinations of colours next to each other as each colour will be affected by the ones next to it. Cut a strip of card about 1 1/2 inches wide, stick a strip of double sided tape on the back to hold the wool down and wrap lengths of each colour around the card. You only need two or three threads of each colour.