Monday, 23 April 2012

my colours 3KCBWDAY1

You may have noticed the panel (at the side of the blog) that I have had up for a few weeks and wondered what I was up to.  Well, knitting and crochet blog week has arrived.  I joined in this bit of fun last year when a total novice blogger and  had a lot of fun, so here I am joining in again and blogging every day for a week

Today it's all about colour.  It was my very talented cousin Sharon Verry who first remarked on my consistent choice of colours for clothes when she gave me this beautiful scarf.

She said - 'I have made it in your colours'.  My colours?  I didn't know I had my own colours, then when I looked at the dark reds, greens and blues I realised they were colours that made me happy and - yes - nearly all my clothes were in some variation of this colour combination

Then thinking about my yarn stash and about this post I realised how much yarn I have in similar shades

There's Noro double knitting

Sock yarn from Opal

Fabulous wool and silk Manos

Yet more Noro (laceweight this time)

Finally this, my first stash purchase, Gedifra, bought three years ago from John Lewis sale and where it all began.  Not where knitting began, I've clattered around on the pointed sticks for years but the beginning of a new way of buying yarn, simply for its self.

And believing that having no idea what to make with a few balls of beautifully coloured yarn is not sufficient reason to resist the purchase.

As I said at the beginning these ARE my colours.



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josiekitten said...

Oh dear, have I got OCD for buying purple yarn?!! What's the cure I wonder?!