Monday, 2 April 2012

Poiret style

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have wondered how long it would be before I made a link between the titanic project and knitting.  Well, trawling through my books on vintage knitting I struck gold, a tunic in the style of one of the most favoured designers of the early 20th century Poiret

It's a perfect shape to go with my scallop edge skirt and something I imagine also becoming a favourite item in my 21st century wardrobe.  Perfect too that it is attributed to Poiret (or at least in the style of) as he was at the height of his powers in 1912, having left the couture house of Worth to establish his own house in 1903.

There's no actual pattern for the tunic in the book but I'm going to try and work it out.  It's knitted in a type of rib (row 1: K row 2: P7 K1 rep to the end) the horizontal coloured panels are knitted as you go, the verticals knitted separately and stitched in place (although I might experiment with intarsia here.  There is a row of double crochet eyelets encircling the waist and providing decorative detail near the shoulder.  The cord has crochet bobble and tassel ends and there are bobble fixings closing the  side vents.  A close look at the photographs reveals a yarn with a soft sheen, silk or cotton perhaps.

I don't know whether in 1912 cotton for knitting could be produced with the lovely lustre that we can get today so I guess that it was made in silk.  But in my stash I have some lovely 4 ply Rowan 100% cotton in brown and olive green

So I'll use this.  I also have some other cotton in various colours

After trying every colour combination I decided to use sky blue and mint green.

So it's off to do some serious swatching before embarkation on the main project - watch this space




Louise said...

I think this is great! Looking forward to your design. I have many knitting books. You have inspired me to get them out and look for 1912 period knitting! Have fun!
Louise Rozansky

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what yours will look like! What a great project!!!! What a lovely tunic it will be! I really like that style. Wish I could wear it, but alas it does not look good on me.... ;)

Tracy said...

I've loved your titanic clothing so far, especially the scallop skirt which looks quite wearable today should you be in the mood, so I am really looking forward to seeing how you go with this and which colour is going to dominate.