Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Tricks

At Christmas one of my dearest friends was surprised when her doctor daughter asked if she might have a sewing machine as her present.  No one in the family sewed, there were writers, musicians, an artist and a bunch of lawyers and, furthermore, the doctor daughter was known for her love of designer clothes (have you seen the doctor played by Eve Best in Nurse Jackie?).  Needless to say I was delighted to help find the right machine for A.  Frankly I don't need that much of an excuse to spend quality time in John Lewis' crafting department.

How could you fail to find the right button?

After Christmas my still slightly nonplussed friend asked her daughter if she would like to go on a course to get herself started.  Perhaps she was thinking of the Tante Marie cooking course her own mother had sent her on at age 18 saying no one would marry her if she did not know how to cook - how wrong can mothers be?  But A did not need a course, as she said, she has YouTube

Not exactly A's project but one of mine assembled and ready to go

This brings me to today's subject in knitting and crochet blog week - Improving your skill set.  I have books and books on technique, I love them, the more lavishly illustrated the better, I have my local wool shop staffed by the most knowledgeable sisters and their elderly mother who have three lifetimes worth of knitting knowledge and I have my knitting group  But I also have YouTube.

my local wool shop - the full picture

Three needle stretchy bind off? - got it.  Toe up two at a time socks? - its there. Magic loop method? - yes that too.  And then there's Cat Bordhis moebius...

Its all in there .

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