Wednesday, 18 July 2012

#BlightKAL progress

Rules is Rules and The Rules say it's OK to swatch before-hand but not to cheat and keep knitting instead of casting on again on day 1 of the KAL.  So I frogged my swatch

Day one was Sunday and I knitted all afternoon .  The main chart, chart B has to be repeated 7 times but that is if you are making the shawl in sock weight.  My yarn is lace weight so I shall have to add several more repeats.  Three complete by the end of day 1

Each pattern row grows by four stitches so the work gets slower and slower, although I am making up a bit of speed by getting more familiar with the stitch pattern.  Day 2 only 1 repeat as most of my knitting was done at knitting group and I would never be able to knit lace and talk at the same time.

I had another knitty frustration on day 2 - my railway knitting, consisting of toe up two at a time socks on two circular needles, was severely hampered when didn't remember I had robbed that knitting bag of one of the circs to make Blight.  Only one repeat completed.on day 2

Day 3 better, three more repeats (it looks smaller because it crunches up as you knit and the colour is due to taking an i-phone pic at some time past midnight.)

Day 4 (today) and I haven't begun knitting yet as I'm working (at home).   This does not stop me swapping sarky comments on twitter and suggesting a fellow knitter visits a friend's house and steals from her stash. But @knitsend has finished!  Oh well onwards and upwards



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