Friday, 13 July 2012

Knitting A-long

I have found the perfect use for this beautiful Yarnscape Lissom in winter sea that I bought from my friend Vandy's on line yarn shop a while ago.  Its Blight by Deborah Frank and I shall be knitting it in the company of tweeting knitters world wide in a knitalong organised by @atknitsend.  The details and sign up are on her blog 

So I've bought the pattern

Blight by Deborah Frank
wound the yarn

and swatched

Now anyone who reads this blog regularly will know I am too impatient to swatch very often.  This sometimes results in disaster and knitting and entire sweater twice but this time if I didn't prepare I would be in for some public humiliation.  I have also done my usual thing and set my heart on using yarn that is not the recommended weight for the project.  Deborah Frank calls for sock weight and the  Lissom is lace weight.

So... swatch is what I did this afternoon.  I have knitted the foundation chart and one repeat of the main chart.  I may have to repeat the main chart more than the 7 times stated in the pattern if I don't think the long side of the triangle is large enough but otherwise the lace weight will do fine.

The real work begins on Sunday, there are lots of excited tweeters chatting with the hash tag #brightKAL so if you tweet, look out for us there.  I will also blog a little PS up date following my regular posts.



PS there are some tempting special offers over at Affinity right now, I have just nabbed enough Noro to make a lanesplitter skirt, more of that later


Kim said...

ZOMG! That yarn is GORGEOUS!!! That shawl is gonna be a stunner!

Anonymous said...

Loooks lovely!