Tuesday, 24 July 2012


With the very special exception of independent book shops, local yarn shops (LYSs) are The Shops where you find people working there who just love and understand what they are selling.  They often buy a lot from their shops too. At my LYS in the Hampshire Metropolis one lady shop assistant says her stash is spilling out of two large wardrobes into a third.

I wander the shelves stroking the yarn and soaking up the colours getting into conversations about this or that yarn, how it feels to knit, what we have already knitted with it - how long is the yardage?  And so often someone has to put down their knitting to serve which is the occasion to feel the knitting, remark on the colour and say how gorgeous it will be when finished (the knitting sorority  is nice like that)

I not only have a LYS where I live but one in the town where I work, its called Rokka Sheek. Situated in a shabby little 60s shopping centre that time forgot (used as a set in the fabulous film Made in Dagenham ) it is a real find.  The ladies in there might be mother and daughter, auntie and niece or friends but they both love knitting and often have something beautiful on the go and love to talk about their yarn and their own knitting projects.

Yesterday the whole of Croydon was in a festive mood, the sun was shining hotly and the Olympic Torch was in town.  Queue excuse for  everyone to be out, there were singers, dancers and face painting as well as The Torch.

what a difference a year makes

When I called in to Rokka Sheek on my usual short-cut to the station and home there seemed even more time to chat.  One of the ladies was knitting a sweater in some yarn that looks very like Noro, but a good deal cheaper - I only resisted buying some because she was knitting with my favourite colour (soft greys and greens) and there was not enough left for sale.  So we got talking,what she likes to knit, patterns and yarn and what I make (my handy app called Woolly stores all my ravelry projects for easy showing off).  I bought this...

Beautiful 100% merino at £2,99, how could I not? But what put a smile on my face was the lovely welcome and conversation.  If you knit and live near Croydon go and see them (49 St Georges Walk) they are going to stock Debbie Bliss and maybe Rowan too very soon



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