Thursday, 15 May 2014

5th annual Knitting and Crochet blog week #4

The Stitch Marker's Rant

I just can't believe that she had never used a stitch marker until she went on THAT COURSE (ED - it was P3) I'm not even sure she had even heard of me and my associates before then either.  Now she collects them

It's not that they are all from Fripperies & Bibelots, just that she likes the cute tins

Although she does have quite a few from F&B

She also has these - very handy for marking a place lower down the knitting as they open like safety pins but don'y have the nasty snaggy, twirly, bit at the end.  They can also be used for marking a dropped stitch or taken out easily when accidentally knitted in - OOPS

One or two are just cute and collectable and don't actually get used

These are her favourites but she only has two.  Once she had four, they were a gift in a yarn swap from a nice lady who lives in Portugal but two are MIA (probably down the back of the sofa, chatting to the odd coin or peanut!)

Thinking they would be good replacements she bought these but pretty as they are they are also pretty useless as they come apart.

OH LOOK!  has she noticed one of her missing favourites has got into bad company and is hanging out with the pretty useless ones??!!

She even tried to make some and learned some valuable lessons.  Stitch markers should have no little sharp bits to snag the knitting, should not be too heavy and definitely should not fall apart ! Chopkins is currently seeking to place them in new employment more suitable to their talents (beauty) and qualifications (none)

Rant over


The Stitch Markers


WildflowerWool said...

Like your collection!

Carolyn Zick said...

Love all your markers! The precious little sheep is too cute!!

Jodiebodie said...

LOVE your cute sheepie and it is great to meet someone else who feels strongly about stitch markers! ;-)
Thank you also for visiting my blog this week - it is nice to get to know you :-)

benita said...

Are those last ones too heavy to turn into earrings? I love the sheep one!