Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 7! Looking back and forward - Ten Things

Looking back?  This time last year I did not join in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, but I can remember how things were.  I was feeling pretty blue and just marking time.

Looking forward? There has been no lightening bolt moment and I still only have a vague idea what I will do in the next year but I do feel positive and happy about the future and it will involve my new studio (and in the short term I plan my own personal Blog Week telling you all about all the lovely things I have created to go in there).  However at the suggestion of a fellow knitting blogger Knitsofacto here are ten random things that I might or might not achieve in the next year.

  1. I will make at least one sweater, one shawl, a pair of mittens and an afghan/wall hanging ALL FROM STASH
  2. I will learn how to spin, properly
  3. I will not ever work at something that makes me unhappy (or involves a boss!)
  4. I will spend more time with my family, on their terms (i.e. when they want, not when it suits me)
  5. I will relax...
  6. I will have one last go at publishing the two half written books (one is about knitting)
  7. I will explore the possibility of other people coming to my studio - perhaps for lessons and certainly just to hang out
  8. I will travel (even) more
  9. I will take more exercise
  10. I will grow more vegetables and I will cook more creatively (that is stop treating all the books I have on food and cooking as though they were just novels)

Sooo look out for Day 7 of next year's Knitting and Crochet Blog week




Unknown said...

I will definitly be taking you up on number 7, I can't wait to hang out in your lovely new space, I may even bring cake!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

What a great list! Managing even a few of them would likely get the rest of them on track :)

benita said...

I wonder how many of us would wish for #3 to come true. I know I would!