Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Deed store to yarn store

I am a tad over excited, my studio is nearly ready for occupation by my multiple stashes (Yarn, fibre, fabric and Haberdashery!) .  Its all down to me now to get the painting done, some floor laid (well the carpet store will do that but they can't till I've finished the painting) and then I can begin the big move.  A couple of lovely knitterly friends have promised to come and help!.

white for the outside window frames, grey for within and yellow for the work-top

The cupboards are on the walls

 And the shelves are up

And if the shelves and drawers are to enough I have had these deed boxes.  They have been gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage for years

They came from a solicitor's office that was closed down

I wonder who A.M.Feak was?  I once worked with a solicitor who had a deed box with The Maharaja Of Jaipur stencilled on the side, it sat on top of his filing cupboard.  The story was that years ago the firm's senior partner acted for the Maharaja and once a year would travel to India to obtain instructions and carry out the Maharaja's business.

Now that deed boxes have become as obsolete as travelling halfway across the globe to receive clients' instructions, they are going to make very good stash boxes, once scrubbed with a wire brush and painted.  I shall mask off and preserve the makers stamp on this box

I did think I would throw this one away, it has been repaired extensively (the bottom soldered back on) has string to prevent the lid falling too far back and one hinge is broken

But the very fact that it has been repaired so much makes me think that if someone felt it was worth keeping then so should I.

I plan that they will be dressed up in pastel shades with a cotton lining  and hope to show you the finished articles next week.




Chrisknits said...

Ooh, so neat! I have an old trunk that was my dad's when he was in the navy. I keep thinking to use it for something, but I don't know what!

Jennifer said...

Your studio is going to be wonderful! I love the deed boxes, so interesting. My in-laws recently bought some lawyers' bookcases at auction, the kind with the flip-up glass windows in them. I love old purpose-built stuff like this.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ooh, how wonderful! The studio and the deed boxes. You are going to have such fun in there :)

Adaliza said...

Can't wait to see it all finished. I have deed-box envy - they're awesome! Also ikea shelving envy - you've got even more than I have!!! Enjoy the decorating.