Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ten Random Things

I am a big fan of Annie, a lovely lady who blogs as Knitsofacto.  You may ask how I can be so certain about her character if I only know her from her blog (and you would be right) well it is because she has responded to every comment I make on her blog.  Sometimes she will make a comment here and, once when I asked her a technical question about Blogger, she e mailed me the solution.  How kind is that?

Recently she has written  a couple of posts with the title 10 Random Things and in her post on Easter Day  invited other bloggers to do the same - so here we go...

1. I'm delighted to accept Annie's invitation as I was wondering what to blog about this week

2. I am prone to Arthritis in my hands and it terrifies me  that I could, one day, not be able to knit or sew

looking after the tools

3. I love travelling, despite having a panic attack at the airport/eurostar station almost every time I set out.

How could I miss this? (Aphrodite's rock in Cyprus)

4. I have bouts of compulsive tidiness, folding linen in the airing cupboard with folds all facing the same way and hanging clothes in my wardrobe by category

folded (the wardrobe is going through a messy phase)

5. I buy far too much makeup but hardly ever wear it!

too much?

6. In my garden I have several plants grown from cuttings that I have stolen from parks and open gardens (my mother always said this was OK as long as no damage was done to the main plant)

The mother plant

7. For lent this year I aimed to walk 10,000 steps a day, drink more water and stop snacking (80% achieved) Next year I'm thinking of giving up sugar


8. I have known my husband for 42 years (married for 37)

JTH sharing a photo with one of my favourite interiors

9. I have a tendency to over commit (to projects, organisations and work) until one day I come to a full stop and retreat into my burrow for weeks on end

three current WIPs (not counting those in the cupboard) and about to begin another

10. when following instructions (knitting, sewing cooking, you name it!) I go off piste with very variable results

frogging the last experiment!

Random facts, anyone?  If you decide to accept Annie's challenge please let me know (a link to you blog in  the comments here will be good).




Jennifer said...

I really like Annie too, without having met her. :) I think you and I are a lot alike. I also have bouts of compulsive tidiness and I also worry about my hands. My mother became arthritic at a very young age and I worry I might as well. I hope both of us have good hand-tools for a long time to come.

Joanne Wilson said...

I need to have more bouts of compulsive tidiness, I hope your fear of arthritis never comes true & you can never have too much make up or wool come to that. Hope you have a great week.

kristieinbc said...

I just found your blog through Annie's lovely blog. You have a fun list of Ten Random Things. I'm like you - I love to travel, but have a near panic attack every time I get to the airport. I hate to fly. I wish I had a little more of #4 on your list! :-)

benita said...

I have a Fitbit, too, and I can related to your #9 like nobody's business. Right now I'm in a "take all things coming at me" mood, but I know the time to hide will come at some point.

Adaliza said...

That's a great list. I don't like flying either - that's why we jaunt to Cornwall, Devon and Wales! I love your neatly folded knits - such beautiful textures. I too have a grand collection of make-up - probably vintage! Maybe see you in Alton in a couple of weeks - I hope to be back for that one.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm blushing here! Thank you for your sweet words.

2 Me too ... I was diagnosed with RA some years ago, while my children were still young, and am really beginning to feel the effects now, especially in my feet and one hip.

And 9, yes I can identify with that!

I loved this list Catherine, and the one in your previous post :)

Caroline said...

What are your WIPs? They look lovely...!
I like to try and indulge bouts of tidiness, but right now, a 5 year old, 3 year old and 4 week old are enough to keep that at bay!

Catherine said...

Hello Caroline, The three WIPs are, a cardigan in Sweet Georgia yarn, the pattern is Lush by Tin Can Knits. The second a short sleeved sweater in the Natural Dye Studio 4ply, pattern by Susan Crawford, third socks knitted in an odd order, top of foot, toe, then sole and finally a shawl I am designing (more details to follow). I see that is four WIPs, did I say three? Oops