Friday, 6 March 2015

#17 Lots To Do

Lots to do today so keeping it simple in black jeans and grey tee, embellished a bit with my gob-stopper jewellery. Red at the neck and multi coloured for the wrist.

Then joy, look what arrived in the post, from a dear friend?          

So I'm having what my grandmother (the one who taught me to knit) would call 'A bit sit' with a cup of coffee and some poems. This is my favourite

Homemade sweaters contain a code
To be read by initiates, This bobbling here's
A marriage proposal, the Fair-Isle cuff
Says: 'The dog is a spy. Meet me in town
On Tuesday'. Even more arcane
Are garments made by knitting machine.
I once had a sweater that must have declared:
'I only like men with facial hair.' They came
The way you knit is how you make love,
How you are with your God.
It's a question of soul, of daily repair.
If space is made of superstrings,
Then God's a knitter, everything
Is craft, and perhaps we could darn
Tears in the space-time continuum.

Gwyneth Lewis 


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Annie Cholewa said...

That poem!!! Thank you so much for sharing it :)