Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day #18 and effecting a little transformation

Serious work to do today so I chose a simple outfit with no hanging bits that will get in the way or need constant retying.

Black jeans and multi silk top.

I have spent the day at the National Needlework Archive where they had a wedding fair with a difference.  It was all about making things for your wedding yourself.  People were demonstrating digital photography, buttonholes and making waistcoats for the groom's men, the dresses on show were all from Oxfam's special collection.

I was on up-cycling, working on this dress

The train looked a little like a net curtain tied around the back.

The bodice was made of the same silk chiffon in a basket weave pattern and there were fine spaghetti straps with crystal beads.

I changed it into this

I left the skirt alone, the fabric was rather lovely slipper satin, then covered the bodice with more satin and cut off the chiffon train.

I had just enough chiffon to make the jacket, using the spaghetti straps for button loops and more satin and beads for covering buttons.  I let the sleeves be as long as possible ending in points.





Anita said...

Hi Catherine,
I love the basketweave bodice!!! It reminds me of a dress I saw when visiting the Island of Capri!!!! I want to go back to Italy. Whaa whaa. lol
Cheers, Anita.

Mary Lou said...

Very cool! All that in a day? I heard a radio program about slow fashion yesterday and thought of you. I'm really enjoying the daily reports.