Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Extra clothing allowance

In addition to the six clothing items, as you have already seen I am allowed lots of accessories, essentials like knickers and shoes and one coat.  I am wearing my grey knit dress again today (and my leadlight cardigan as I'm postponing turning on the central heating) but as I have photographed it several times already I thought I would show off my coat instead.

The coat pleases me is several different ways.  Firstly is is made almost entirely from stash materials

From the top, scraps of hand painted silk velvet (from my cousin the fabric artist, Sharon Verry's oddments bag), dark blue lining material from stash, orange silk lining from Cloth House in Berwick Street, (bought specially but with an aged credit note) and wool tweed given to me by a friend who found it in her loft when having a clear out recently.

I thought a about the style for a long time before putting scissors to the fabric.  I especially wanted a stand-up collar with inward facing revers. Eventually I chose the collar and sleeves from this pattern and cut the straight body shape free hand.

This is possibly my most used pattern, I have slashed and stuck the jacket and dress patterns in so many directions I am wondering how much longer it will last.

My coat's first outing was to be to my cousin's youngest son's wedding in December last year, hence my wish to use some of her velvet

The huge ceramic buttons are from a craft shop in Porthleven Cornwall.  I lined the sleeves with the dark blue lining and the body in orange silk

Button holes as well as the moon gazing hare are in velvet.  I sourced the hare outline from Pinterest and freehand cut it into slices to be able to use as many different colours of the velvet as possible.  I ironed on fusible interfacing before cutting the pieces and machine appliquéing  them to the cut out back section of the coat



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