Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Muddy Boots on day fifteen

This is Georgie Newbery, she is The Flower Farmer

 button hole made by Georgie only seconds before

Georgie is a florist who grows most of the flowers she uses on her farm near Wincanton, writes books about her work and shares her skills and love of all things floral at workshops.  And this is where I was today, sitting around a  large scrubbed pine table in a barn behind the farm house with eight other people learning from Georgie how to 'grow your daughters wedding flowers' (and make all the bouquets and arrangements).  Some of us had family weddings very soon, some promised a celebration sometime in the future and some just hoped!

Before I share more photographs of our lovely day I should just mention, for the record of my clothes fast, what I was wearing.  Black jeans, grey tee-shirt and hand knit socks at the ready for tucking the jeans out of the way of the mud.  Actually it was a wonderful  sunny day, the workshop was in a wood-burner warmed barn and the yard not at all muddy so I'm wearing the socks here with my jeans tucked in and muddy boots just for show!

Hand knit socks in Icelandic Lopi yarn, more photographs here

Lovely welcome with home-made biscuits and coffee

course notes, seeds and pots to plant them in provided

The Flower farmers lovely collection of containers, many sourced from charity shops

Widow Iris amazing british grown flowers blooming right now

Ivy leaves are very handy, we learned, for winter foliage and covering up the underpinnings of an arrangement

Such a lovely day



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