Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Halfway through and it's Day #21

Isn't it always the way when trying to choose the perfect capsule wardrobe?  Nothing quite matches up. In my case the capsule was of six items and each time I decided on a theme, around a pair of blue jeans, tailored grey trousers or a favourite cardigan, there was always something missing.  Even when I eventually decided on the set of six items the sixth item was a piece of fabric that had been waiting in my stash for nearly two years.  But put together with other stash items it became a skirt in  a day

Approximately 1.5m of boiled wool fabric and  an old waist slip. Zip and sewing thread left overs from a previous project

(Although the zip was the wrong colour it is the invisible type and the tape not destined to show in the finished article, the thread did match, the brighter colour is just a trick of the light)

First I washed the fabric.  It is unlikely that boiled wool would shrink but I wanted to make sure, I used a product called Soak Wash a fabulous no rince hand washing liquid that I not only use for all my hand knits but other hand wash items too.  Soak has been invaluable during the Six Items Challenge for quickly washing out clothes I need for the next day without putting on a full load in the washing machine.

Next I cut out two rectangles measuring my hip measurement plus 5 cm by my required skirt length plus 6 cm and laying it on my cutting table I cut both pieces into 5 using big curving lines

the waistband is at the bottom, the hem at the top of the picture
I then stitched the pieces back together using a twin needle,

I did consider using a contrast colour thread

but decided on keeping to one colour (I found matching silk thread in my leftovers collection)

I joined the pieces by overlapping and stitching with the twin needle, creating waist darts by increasing the overlap at the top of the skirt to 4 cm and tapering to 1 cm over 10 cm at the back and 6 cm at the front.  The measurements are approximate as I made the adjustment on my manequin. 

Once I had completed the overlapped sections I checked the measurements again, trimming the sides to  fit my measurements  and allow for a 1 cm seam.  There is no need to allow for neatening seams as boiled wool is felted sufficiently that it will not fray.  At this stage I cut a shaped waist facing (no waist band) about 15 cm deep freehand to match the shape of the top of the skirt,  before inserting the zip.  I finished by attaching the lining to the waist facing, the facing to the top of the skirt and hand sewing the hem and around the zip.

Ready to wear in a day!  And wearing it today with my grey tee



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kristieinbc said...

Brilliant job on the skirt, and it looks great on you!