Saturday, 14 March 2015

Catching 23, 24 25

Setting off for a long trip on Thursday I only had time to post one photo on instagram on day 23.  A night in Reims and another quick instagram of my day 24 outfit (the same as day 23) from the car as we headed for Dijon of lunch.   We were very glad we had time for a quick whizz around the old town and visit to the spectacular early gothic church of Notre Dame and made mental notes to spend more time here next visit

 After a lovely overnight stay with friends in Ferny-Voltaire just outside Geneva we had time to shop at the wonderful Sunday market before setting off again

Voltaire oversees the goings on in the market

Saucisson of every sort

I decided against the ugly fish

Wonderful salad, the pale yellow flecked with pink, my favourite

this cheese chosen from so many.

And so after a long drive down the Autoroute du soleil almost as far as Marseilles and then up into the mountains we arrive at the gite in Viens where we are staying for two weeks, to be spent, reading walking, painting,  knitting and sleeping (pictures tomorrow of the spectacular views from our window)

day 25, magenta skirt with some of my grey things

I do, however, have one little problem with my clothes - Somehow I forgot to pack a coat of any sort!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be warm and dry, otherwise I might have to go to Avignon, the nearest big town and buy something.  I don't really want to do this it doesn't feel in the spirit of things to me but I just may have to!  I feel so silly to have forgotten something so essential when going away in March (even to the south of France).



Day 23 in grey tee, black jeans and headlight cardigan

Day 24 in the car (same clothes)

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Swissrose said...

I hope you've had a lovely holiday - love that you were at Ferney, as I grew up in Geneva! :)