Sunday, 22 February 2015

Clothes Fast Day Five

Hooray!  Despite only being only partially IT literate I have managed to create button for Labour behind the Label, the charity that will benefit from your donations.  At the top of the column on the right her you should see the campaign's logo, simply clicking on the logo will take you straight to my supporters' page.

Today's outfit, magenta skirt and silk blouse fitted nicely under my winter coat for a day's shopping with the girls.  Dear Daughter no 2 is expecting a baby in April so we did a little grand-baby shopping today, accompanied by DD1 and TLM.  The latter considers herself expert in all things baby related.  

more details on the skirt's construction in a later post

To give credit where credit is due TLM was the first to find the brake on the Bugaboo and suggest that the buttons on the handle were something to do with folding it up. After she had given it a full inspection, including approving how low the adjustable handle went (for ease of pushing by a five year old!) It seemed only sensible to leave the mother to be alone to check it out herself

Yellow was not the final colour choice!
We then had some time for a little cooing over the cute baby clothes

but I really think I should knit this myself
All done in John Lewis!



love the seagull mural made of wire wrapped around the shop's escalator 

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kristieinbc said...

It's so much fun to shop for a baby! And I don't think I would have been able to resist that cute sweater with the sheep on it. Well done on getting that button in your side bar.